About DOJO

We are a 21st-century company providing technology ecosystem to our users. We have created a platform where users can discover various class owners, based on their interests. Even today, there is a lack of interfaces between the decentralised sports classes and the users. Therefore, we accepted this challenge and decided to bridge the gap between the class owners and users. On our app, the user can filter from hundreds of verified options available to him and select the best class based on his preferences. The classes which partners with us are verified by our team. Our app is a Win-Win solution for all, as it gives freedom of choice to the end-users, classes can use it to undertake their enrolment processes.

Creating a technology-driven ecosystem is of utmost importance in the sports industry, and we at DOJO Sports are ready to meet the need of the hour.


"The Business of Sports is a multi-billion dollar global industry propelled by enormous consumer demand. But in past, it was just a loss-making affair in India. Now, sport is going to be the next big industry in India. On other hand, Technology has become a crucial and indispensable part of almost every kind of business. The use of technology is changing not only the way of enrolling or finding classes/ academies but it also help Academies to scale up their business."

Akshay Bavkar, DOJO Sports - CEO


DOJO’s mission to build strong technology that connects all sports and makes classes accessible to everyone.


We aspire to become the world’s largest technology-driven Sports ecosystem.


​DOJO is a place where our career and passion meets. We as a team, respect, trust and care for each other. We all are aligned towards making an impact.